Blocking Sites is Easy...

Yes, you read that right. Blocking sites from children is easy. There are two methods you can go about doing this. The first one is to keep them completely off of the internet, which probably isn't a very feasible idea. The second option is to search, download and install a program that can block sites from your child! All you have to do is go onto a search engine and do some searches related to, and including, site blocker, site blocking program and much more. You will be given results in which to choose from, and you should be able to make a wise decision.

Filtering / Monitoring Software

Top Rated Parental Control Software - SafeEyes is the recognized leader in providing the top rated internet safety solution that keeps families and business safe online.

Windows and Mac compatible - includes a 3-user license that can be used on any combination of Windows and Mac computers in your home, school, or office
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Blocks access to inappropriate Web sites; sophisticated Internet filter blocks harmful content, such as adult content and illegal stuff. Or set your own filters.
Monitors your child's online interactions; tracks, blocks, and records instant messaging, email, and social networking communication.
Controls PC, online and program access, allowing you to set time limits or schedule web time for your kids. Prevents attempts to access blocked Web sites, alerting you by email, SMS, or phone when your kids try accessing inappropriate Web sites.

Block Websites like Adult Related, Gambling, Violence and More

We suggest that when you find the program that you want to use to block sites from your child, that you block sites that contain adult content, as well as illegal sites, cult sites (like anti-race sites, and others) other related sites. We suggest that you do this because your child may not know what he or she is about to visit, and it could contain anything from a virus to pornography to something possibly illegal in the country that you live in. When you are setting up your program to block sites, don't be too loose on your choices.

Don't Feel Bad When You Block Sites From Your Child

We're not sure if this would be the case with you, but we recommend that you do not feel bad when you block sites from your child. You are preserving the safety and peace in your family and in your home by protecting your child from the more harsh parts of the internet. The internet can be a very family-friendly environment, but sometimes families need that extra guidance to make sure their safety remains intact. Unfortunately there are pigs on the internet who want to try to ruin internet safety for your child, so making sure you block bad sites is very important.

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