How to Permanently Block a Website from Your Computer

How to Permanently Block a Website from Your ComputerNowadays, with the easy access internet everywhere, there are many websites have been developed from any city and even any country around the world. Some of them might be good but some might not. So, how to permanently block a website from your computer? This is especially those kind of website with the in-appropriate contain. Well, you can follow these few simple steps that will help you on having those in-appropriate websites permanently blocked from your computer so that you or anyone who are going to access it from your computer will never be able to open it.

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  • Have your laptop or your computer ON, and then make sure to find the program on the system. In this case you need to check whether the system is stored or installed in the drive C or in the other drive. However, if it is installed in the Drive C then you can follow this step. Go to the C:\wondows\System32\drivers\etc. If the system is installed in D then you just have to change it into D:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. it could be in any drive.
  • Click on the Hosts option twice, until there is a pop-up on the display that let you choose the kind of program to open the file with. Make sure to have Notepad to open it. There you will see another pop-up or more like a prompt on the display that will show you the tools where you are going to put the website address or the link to have it blocked later on.
  • On the prompt, you will see under the line, something like the random numbers such as #127.0.0. LocalHost and #::1 Localhost. You must be wondering what it is going to do with the website that you want to block. Well, as the matter of fact, this is only an example because here, you will have those links or the websites addressed that you want to block.
  • Make sure how many websites that you want to block; are they one, two, three or more than that? Just be sure to have the link address. You can go online first, in order to help you copy the link or the website address that you want to block before coming back to the notepad to paste there.
  • Here is how to permanently block a website from your computer. Once you have been sure about the website address that you want to block then you can visit the prompt back that still open in the notepad. In this case, you can paste the link you have copy to the last line. By adding the same numbers as the line above it then paste the links to change the
  • Once you are done with the process then you should save it. By clicking on the File tab on the top left of the prompt. Close the prompt or the pop-up once you’re done.
  • Have your computer or your laptop rebooted or restarted. This is the only way to make what you have done is going to work in the system of your computer. Only then you can be sure to connect it to the internet and to access the link to find out whether you still are able to access it or not.

Those are the simple steps on how to permanently block a website from your computer. As the words permanently so that means it does not matter what browser you use to connect to internet, still the website is going to be blocked from being accessed through your computer, unless you have your system reinstalled or you have made some changes on the on the prompt again.

How to Block a Website on Safari for IOs Devices

Block a Website on SafariHere are the steps on how to block a website on safari for IOs Devices. These steps are easy to follow. However, before taking the first step mentioned bellow, you need to recognize the device you have, and then make sure to find a way that will help you block those unwanted or inappropriate website. Now, you must be wondering about how do you block a website you really do not like. It is also sounded like how do I block a website. Well, you do not have to worry about it because you will find the answer of those questions along with this article.

If you happen to use IOs Devices and you also use Safari then here are some kinds of steps or ways that will help you get rid of the website – the unwanted and inappropriate website you might not like at all.

  • First thing first that you can do in order to have a website blocked is to open your devices then go straight to the setting of your devices. It has its own different kind of icon such as the machine or something like that. Just make sure to click on it. It definitely will lead you to the next options which will get you closer on the kind of ways to block the unwanted website.
  • Second, you will have some options on the display of your devices but make sure that you are going to choose the one on the top which is “General”. Oh by the way, make sure the language on the device you have is set on English, to help you easy on following the instruction to have those unwanted website blocked from your safari browser.
  • From the “General” options that you have clicked, you are supposed to find this “Enable Restrictions” options and have it clicked. This, of course, will also lead you to some other options related to this kind of ways on how to block a website on Safari from IOs devices.
  • Once the “Restrictions” is enabled, on the display of your mobile phone or device, you will see some options. However, you need to choose the “Website” option since it is the unwanted or inappropriate website that you are going to block from your device.
  • Here is the answer of the question how do you block a website or how do I block a website will be display. As you have “website” options clicked, of course you will be asked to fill in the blank. They are two options, first you have to enter the website name and the second one is to enter the website URL or link. If you have more than one websites that you want to have them blocked then of course you can add them but you do not have to repeat the same steps from the beginning. All you have to do is to repeat the last step, which is having the “website” options clicked then a pop-up will be display on your device, just like the previews one.
  • The last one that you should do is to restart the browser or if you want, you can also reboot your device. Only then, you can try to check it out whether it has already worked or not. This is how to block a website on Safari that happens to be the kind of browser for those who use apple devices. If you happen to be one, then of course you will find it easy how do you block a website now, won’t you?

There always a way to have the unwanted website to be blocked even if you are using IOs devices just like what has been written in this article. Now, with those instructions above, the question on how do I block a website on Safari must be answered very easy.

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